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Mua: gummyx

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Small sale and ISO
Shipping from Canada is $6
Can provide pics upon request
Mua: gummyx

Watch me simmer l/s 80% $12
Hello kitty strayin' l/s 90% $12
15 pan palette in good condition, shuts properly $10
All for $30
Milani mai tai, luminous, luminoso blushes $4 each or all for $10
Missha perfect cover #23 used 2x $12
Shiseido hydro powder e/s goldlights 1x $12

Melrose mood black tube (for friend) used 2x $18 shipped (separate shipping)

Also ISO:
e/s in tempting, wedge, era, copperplate, charcoal brown, mulch, smut
cute-ster, utterly frivolous l/s

So i arranged a swap with pcm52311 2 weeks ago and we both sent out our ends together. It all went well until she started getting quite a few negative tokens about swap items not being received. Today, she deleted her mua account and i am pretty sure i am never getting my items. I sent 2 packages worth about $150 of mac, nars and urban decay. I found her phone number on whitepages but am not sure if it's a good idea to call her and don't know what to do now. Has anyone had a similar experience? Any help would be appreciated!


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